In trying to provide the congregation with a condensed reading list we asked two members of the study team to select a short list of publications that they felt provided a good overall understanding of disaffiliation or staying UMC.  Those shortened list are as follows.  Neither list is endorsed by the full study team or the church and are provided as a convenience to those with limited time to research the subject.




 Belonging & Inclusion, Disciples, Gifts, Experiencing God. by Bishop Ken Carter, Password is PTP, September 15, 2022


Open letter and video series, by Rev. Adam Hamilton, September 21, 2022 

Video 1: Why UMC?

Video 2: Love of Scripture

Video 3: Committed to Christ

Video 4: Human Sexuality

Video 5: A Future with Hope

Video 6: Leadership Institute


UMC websites focused on remaining UMC #BeUMC and Proud to be UMC


A Living Hope: An Open Letter About the Future Of the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, September 13, 2022 


The Opportunity to be Inclusive Florida Conference UMC, by Emily Ann Zimmerman, February 2021


Seeking God’s Word to Me, by Gene Zimmerman, 1986


“African bishops condemn Africa Initiative and WCA”, Council of Bishops, September 2022 


“Conservatives pursue several avenues in split with UMC”, Emily McFarlan Miller, The Christian Century/Religious News Service/UM News Service, October, 2022


A Future With Hope for the UMC, by Adam Hamilton, July 31, 2022





And The Tent Keeps Getting Smaller: More From The Southeast Jurisdiction!, by Pastor Randy, November 11, 2022


United Methodist Church body elects openly gay bishop in violation of its rules: 'Inmates running the asylum', by Jon Brown, November 10, 2022


Name That Bishop, by Rob Renfroe, Good News, November 4, 2022


Theological Resources: Differences in Traditional and Progressive Theology, Killearn United Methodist Church, Trinity on the Hill UMC, and Deer Lake UMC


Video series by Rob Renfroe, August 2022

Video 1: The United Methodist Church is Divided and Dividing

Video 2:  Our Differences Regarding the Bible

Video 3: Our Differences Regarding Jesus

Video 4: Our Differences Regarding Sexuality

Video 5:  Why is it Time for Traditionalists to Leave the United Methodist Church

Video 6:  Where Should We Go?


Time is Running Out for Traditionalist United Methodists!, by John Lomperis, July 28, 2022 


Doctrinal Data about the Two New Methodist Denominations by John Lomperis, February 22, 2021


A Different Gospel, Sermon Series by Rev. Michael Hudson


Friends of The Global Methodist Church by Reverend Joel McMahon, First United Methodist Church, Livingston, TX, September 22, 2022


Methodism Dividing by Kevin Watson, May 2020


More on Misinformation By Thomas Lambrecht, August 22, 2022


Galatians 1:6-10, Biblegateway