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Southside Men is the discipleship ministry for men at Southside UMC. Our philosophy of men's ministry is pretty simple. We believe men are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the inside out and, in turn, that permeates every sphere of life.

Southside's Churchwide Study

Online Introduction to Southside's New Discipleship Emphases

SUMC is doing a church-wide study where we will share weekly scripture, a key idea, discussion points for our community, next steps and prayer guides. It is our hope that this study helps our church community come together and focus on the future God has in store for SUMC.

Spend Time With Others - Men's Groups

Faith Builders (in-person)
Developing Disciples (in-person)
Men and Meats (in-person)

Spiritual Goals for 2021


Here we are at the beginning of a brand new year. There is so much opportunity to grow in our relationship with Christ together...


  • To know him better
  • To love him more
  • to become more like him, and
  • to follow him more faithfully in every sphere of our lives.


That's very exciting!! What are some ways  you are going to intentionally pursue such growth in your life this year? How can I help you? Think and pray about it and let's get together and talk about it. 


Let's make this a great year of growing in Christ together.


I hope to hear from you. Email me and let's get together!


Your Brother in Christ,






For resources  to help you follow Christ in every sphere of life.

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Dale Tedder 

Minister of Discipleship

Men's Ministry Director

Pastor Dale Tedder serves as the Minister of Discipleship at our church.  He has been called to proclaim the faith of the church, teach God’s Word, lead others into Christian discipleship, and help those disciples understand their calling to serve others and bear witness to the world on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has a passion for teaching and mentoring to develop leaders within the church.  His online ministry, Walking Points, includes online Bible Studies, a podcasts, and weekly devotionals.   You can find him on Twitter or connect with him via email

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