The Holiness of God and God's People

What is holiness?  Basically, it means, “set apart.”  When we speak about God’s holiness, we are referring the absolute moral perfection of the Triune God.  There is no one like God.  In fact, we lapse into confusion when we think of God as “a being.”  God is the source of all being.  God is the fountain of being itself.  For humanity, this is too much; it’s off the scale of ordinary reality. 

The name that God reveals to Moses is “I am who I am.”  But we are also reminded that God so transcendent over us that Moses could not directly gaze at God’s glory.  Instead, he could only see where God had just passed by. 

Our worship of God is because of this holiness.  At the heart of worship is the stunning awareness that this transcendent and might God has revealed himself to us.  We are invited to enter into a relationship with God.

Holiness is also something that happens to us.  It is a practice.  The Greek word for church is “ekklesia:” the

called out.  First Peter 1:15 teaches, "As he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct."  It may seem daunting at times because we are a broken people, but God’s intention is for us to begin to reflect God’s holiness in the world. 

But there’s a catch.  There’s always a catch, right? 

Unless we do this according to Jesus teaching, we will likely end up a mess, reflecting the very opposite of God’s holiness.  Wanna know the secret?  Come find out this Sunday!