Is Your Heart on Fire

Is Your Heart on Fire?

Are you ever disappointed, dull in heart?  In Luke 24:13-35, we meet a downcast Cleopolous and companion walking to Emmaus after Jesus' body was discovered missing from the tomb. They couldn't believe the women's report that He had risen. Emmaus was one of the last places the followers of Jesus had a big win; so that’s why these two travelers were going. They wanted to be in the place that made them remember the good times. The glory days. What’s your Emmaus? Where do you go figuratively or literally, or what do you do to stuff down the disappointments in life?  It was on this journey that they encountered Jesus and their hearts were "burning within them." They were filled with renewed hope, joy, and fervor that enabled them to turn around and walk back home to Jerusalem to share the news and face whatever lied ahead. Are you walking toward Emmaus with disappointment and a dull heart or away with your heart on fire?  Southside is undertaking GIC Mission Week to become a church that focuses outward. It is in mission fields where we encounter Jesus, walk with Him, and our hearts are set on fire. Will you come? ~ Sermon Notes by Sarah Troup